Before becoming a Wedding Planner, Natalie had her own destination wedding. She married in Koh Samui, Thailand back in 2012. Making the decision to get married overseas was not an easy choice. However, it was one of the best decisions she ever made. Family and friends came from around the world and she had an amazing day.

Originally from Newcastle, UK, Natalie has also spent a number of years in Dubai before moving to Singapore and now is not based in any particular country, rather she moves around where her weddings take her. It was whilst living in Dubai that she planned her own wedding and therefore, she fully understands the difficulties in planning a wedding from overseas. She is therefore able to empathise with you during those moments of concern.

Natalie spent a lot of time researching Thailand in general. She was lucky to visit prior to the wedding to explore various venues. If possible, this is a definite recommendation. Eventually deciding on Koh Samui as her destination and a venue that she loved, the fun started.

Bespoke Wedding Planner

Entrusting the services of a Wedding Planner was an option she decided would help immensely. It did indeed provide a huge peace of mind. Placing your trust in a Wedding Planner is a huge decision. It is vital that you choose the right one that suits your needs. Choosing an Independent Planner has many advantages. Impartial venue recommendations, alternative accommodation assistance for guests to name a couple.

Making your wedding unique is of extreme importance. Therefore, Natalie does not offer any package weddings. She charges a set fee for her services. You then choose which elements you want to be part of your Big Day. That way you only pay for what you want and get the wedding that you have always dreamed of. Natalie’s main goal throughout the whole of the wedding planning process is to do anything she can to make the whole experience as stress free as possible for you, so you can focus on enjoying it all with your friends and family.

Our Service

Natalie prides herself on her responsiveness. So when you are having that moment of stress, she is always there to help calm the nerves. Having gone through the process herself, she fully understands the importance of being there to answer all of your questions efficiently.

Putting your trust in a Wedding Planner from the other side of the world, that you may not even get to meet is a difficult decision to make. To ease your concerns, Dream Asia Weddings is a registered agent with IATA. Recognised by a global, professional industry body, you know you are in safe hands. It also means Dream Asia Weddings can get you and your guests great discounts on hotels and venues throughout your whole trip.

Our Experience

Having arranged corporate events for a large multi national company for almost ten years, it was a natural transition for Natalie to move into the world of weddings and mix her passion for all things wedding with her fantastic organisational ability. Originally going back to Koh Samui, where it all began, was the first step. Following which, the expansion to Phuket and Bali was not far behind. Having been based in Singapore for 3 years, Natalie now travels around Asia wherever the weddings take her. Natalie is, therefore, a stone’s throw away from all of these beautiful destinations with a fantastic team on the ground to support her on the Wedding Day itself. Natalie is happy to meet in person if you happen to be in the same place at the same time, arrange regular Skype calls and of course be on the other end of the hundreds of e-mails that will be required to give you that day you have been dreaming about. Get in touch now to start discussing your requirements with Natalie.